17:28S, 149:49W

Richard and Rachel Caswell
Sun 12 Jul 2009 03:04
Baie De Cook, Moorea. Weds First of July !
 Arrived here after a short but boisterous sail/motor from Tahiti. Loads of currents and localised crosswinds made for an interesting passage, with everything supposedly put away in it's designated place, we felt like we were in a washing machine, and being tossed every which way, so that when we arrived, we had to tidy the boat somewhat from all that had fallen out of it's place.....Oh My !
Very pretty island though catered in every way to tourists. Feeding the sting rays off a beach, doing dives with a local operator or just walking around made you feel very much one of the holidaymakers. The island's majestic scenery is quite spectacular, and with the surrounding reef makes for the best of all worlds for cruisers, as you always have sheltered calm anchorages, with plenty of space, and the mountains offer a great view which cools off in the evening, and the temperature gets down to around 20 C ! Not much wind at the moment, but will be here only a couple of days, as the wind looks like dying out completely next week..

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