Ready to start

Tue 18 Sep 2007 17:00
44:04:30N 09:54:22E   - Dear All. We are still in the same position. We'll start between Saturday and Monday 29.09/01.10. The 24th of September the crew will arrive to Lerici ( Jakob and Stian ). I had some problems to get Daniel to Italy because of a new rule in St. Lucia. He was suddenly required a visa to fly away. We are still working on this issue but I strong believe he will enjoy the crew the 27th of September. 
Right now, the boat is moored in the harbour and next tuesday we'll move it to a berth. We are gonna have a good-bye party friday night, the 28th, and .....Taht's it!!
The first trip goes to Mallorca, 450 sea miles from here.
br. Raf
ship:  HELLENA II - Middelfart - Denmark
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