Fri 7 Dec 2007 11:53
16:38:28N 42:26:47W
Hi again everybody!
Wonder how many you are to read this daily epistel. There might be a way to find out, maybee combined with a little practical joke:
Tomorrow saturday 8 is the anniversary of my sister Jette, she is now becoming rearlly old and need som encorragement, so my idea was, that everyone who read this today or tomorrow, sent a small birthdaygreeting to my sister, that will allow us to know roughly how many readers we have, and at the same time it will pleade and astonish my sister whish you can reach on: jetterasmussen {CHANGE TO AT} hotmail {DOT} com you just say hello from her brother Allan.
We have still lousy weather with big waves and much wind, and once in a while a short shower of rain, so everybody is now more and more tired, so we are hoping for a soon amelioration. With a bit of luck, we can keep the next weekend at st. lucia.
See you tomorrow - Daniel, Jakob, Raf, Reinhold og Allan
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