Position, 30.11.07

Fri 30 Nov 2007 12:00
22:35:98N 25:11:19W
Dear all - friends, family and collegaes!
The fish are no more laughting - yesterday we caught an almost 5 kilo dorado, and had an excellent eavening meal. Still some leftovers to be used on bread this noon.
The Atlantic is big, real big, however yesterday we met another boat for the second time during this rallye. It was a norwegian ship, whish we have now left behind for good (I hope). As of today, we have no idea to our placement in the competition, but the spinnaker has helped us a lot yesterday afternoon and today. In the nighttime we are still only using genoa, as there are some experience demanded to go alone for spinnaker. In the principe there is only one on duty at the time, and its too risky to fly spinnaker with only one person in the cockpit. Otherwise everything is well working onboard. The crew has foud their small routines, the temperature has risen, and the sun is shining from above.
In Europe we are now talking a lot of need of water, I can tell you, that here is a lot of it!
Stay tuned untill tomorrow - Daniel, Jacob, Reinhold, Raf and Allan
ship:  HELLENA II - Middelfart - Denmark
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