Position, 29.11.07

Thu 29 Nov 2007 12:10
23:38:28N 22:53:75W
Hi everybody, nice to receive news from you also. Here everything is now very OK. If you had asked early this morning, i'm not sure, the answer would have been the same. The night was very turbulent, with all kind of weather, from no win to much wind, from moonlight to rain. A quick job this morning, finished the sewing work on the spinnaker, and at ten o'cloc it was raised in the main mast, and is now giving us a speed around 6 knots. Everybody is in the cockpit enjoyining the sunshine and the heat. Two of them are trying out their luck with the fishing, but the fish are just laughting behind the boat. This morning, however, we were accompagnied by several dolphins during more than one hour, and we got some useable video of them.
Todays visdomewords: Changing latitudes - changing attitudes.
Big kisses from everybody!!!
ship:  HELLENA II - Middelfart - Denmark
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