position 15.10.07 // 18:25 UTC

Mon 15 Oct 2007 19:26
36:21:35N 05:13:74W

Dear every one.

We are now preparing for the first real big trip in the first part of our sailing.

In this first part, the target has always been The Canaries. To sail from Italy to Gibraltar in autumn is a kind of scary movie. You never know how the weather is and normally the winds are against. We were lucky ! The winds were with us and the weather was good. Exception for a isolated thunderstorm we got north for Mallorca. 30 minutes of heavy rain and 45 knots wind… but all right. The radar showed us the way out from the storm and after a while we were out of it. We have been in several places in Spain, Ibiza, Cartagena, Almeria, Banus, etc.etc.. and arrived quickly at the end of the Mediterranean. Now we are in a little harbor 20 sea miles from Gibraltar.

In all the harbors we have been, we gave a flag from Erix sail club and brought a kindly “ hallo “ form Lerici ( Italy )

In all these dais the boat has been tested and the few wrong things on it has been repaired.

Today we had a bus trip to Gibraltar. Daniel remained in the boat. I was in doubt if he could have had some treble with the English custom, there for we decided to let him stay on the boat. Gibraltar is a busy, dusty and noisy town. There are people every where, up, down, left and right ! Cars and busses are spinning around on small roads. 1 million coasters are waiting anchored in the bay and in the runway of the airport there is a traffic light for cars that are crossing the airplanes gate ??!!.

Any way, back to us, the boat is all most ready for the 7 dais trip over to the Canaries. We will start the 17th.10.07 – follow our position !! The next stop should be Lanzarote.

ship:  HELLENA II - Middelfart - Denmark
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