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Date: 05 Dec 2007 12:02:41
Title: Position, 05.12.07

18:11:43N 37:31:52W
Hi everybody!
First the positive aspects: the chocolate cake was an undoubtly success. All crewmembers are at good helth. Everybody had a shower yesterday.
And then the backside of the medal: the weather has turned out very naught this nigt, which has caused an unpleasent nightwatsh and morningwatsh for some of us. Wind shifting direction rapidly, small showers. Increasing windgusts.
So this day which was destined to be midway feast, is currently just hard work. Hoping for more positive news by tomorrow.
Daniel, Jakob, Raf, Reinhold og Allan
ship:  HELLENA II - Middelfart - Denmark
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