At Anchor in the lagoon

EvelynB - To the Sun
Mike Barker & Jacqui Clemson
Sun 19 Jul 2015 21:19

Sunday 19th July 2015

We arise at 10:00 and walk around the harbour to the local SPA supermarket for a few provisions.  We then have the task of visiting the Club Nautico to pay the mooring bill, which is tempered by a cup of excellent coffee.

The walk back to Evelyn B and spend an entertaining hour getting ourselves off the mooring in a cross-wind! The day is spent motor sailing as the wind never freshens enough to sail at a reasonable speed. We arrive at the entrance to Sant Carles lagoon (40:34.99N, 000:35.99E) at 19:30 and decide to put the anchor down for the night.

After a pleasant meal the night is marred by a high temperature and little wind, neither of us sleeps well.