EvelynB - To the Sun
Mike Barker & Jacqui Clemson
Mon 26 Aug 2013 22:38

Monday 26th August 2013

Depart around 10:30 to catch the tide, which works so well we are at Tarifa by 14:00 after a close fetch in a SW F4. There we are into the Straits proper, the wind swings to the NW F5, and we reach through the Pillars of Hercules with 2 knots of tide behind us, arriving in La Linea (36:09.47N, 005:21.43W) at 16:30 after a tour of the Port of Gibralter.

Tarifa, "the city of wind" was rounded with only one 'we are all going to die moment', when the depth gage counted down from 89mts to 1.3mts in 5 seconds. Same old joke! After the thrill of Cabo Trafalgar, where our hero Ad.Nelson was kissed by Hardy, and then deposited (dead hopefully) in a barrel of top quality French brandy for transportation back to Royal Britannia, I requested the same. Unfortunately, we only had a bottle of cheap Cab Sav handy. Ce la vie!!!