Off to the Sun

EvelynB - To the Sun
Mike Barker & Jacqui Clemson
Mon 29 Jun 2015 18:46

Sunday 21st June to Monday 29th June 2015

Jacqui and I fly to Evelyn B for the start of our holiday arriving Sunday evening. We spend a few days provisioning and sorting out a few items.  We put together a strap arrangement in the machinery space to stow the de-humidifier whilst sailing and in the course of this I notice the exhaust separator for the generator has pin-hole rusting!  I set up the bracket for the new EPIRB and register it online, we checked the price of putting a new battery in the original one and it was nearly twice the price of a new one!

On Friday afternoon Harry and Sue (our boat minders) take us out to the Restaurant on Stilts (Xiringuitos) out in the lagoon, our first trip to that venue, and it won’t be the last.

Monday we spend shopping then go for a walk down the beach out at the Bird Sanctuary on the seaward side of the lagoon and Jacqui finds a small toy horse rolling in the surf.  We take a beer at the Kite Surf school bar on the way back.