Les Sables D'Olonne

EvelynB - To the Sun
Mike Barker & Jacqui Clemson
Mon 20 May 2013 17:51

Monday 20th May 2013

What a rainy day! Mike and Grant depart for the airport and home. The rest of us try to do some shopping but it is Pentecost so most places are shut.  Manage to fix the engine stop button that had ceased to work. Nice lunch - then more rain! Plan to leave tomorrow.

Rear Admiral Jax and Leading Seaman Phil are all that still remains of the original crew. The weather is constant 'La Drizzle', and the lunchtime Cassoulet is sitting heavily. However, tomorrow we will be setting sail for Northern Spain where the weather is exactly the same.

Captain Crabby, the ship's stuffed parrot, is still clinging to the vegetable hammock after days of tossing. Unfortunately, we are down to the last few limes (after heavy usage during the highly successful Falmouth Mexican Evening). Scurvy is possibly imminent.