McGlathery Island, Maine

El Vagabond
Vicki & Roger Mortimer
Sat 26 Sep 2015 17:19

Position  44 07.8N, 68 36.7W


We left Campobello in glorious sunshine after playing a round of Golf on FDR’s Course and it is now rather cold and the forecast is Rain – Winter must be coming…


We are now back in the USA heading South and should be enjoying the delights of a lovely little archipelago called Merchants Row. There are over 30 islands with super names such as “Sprout”, “Potato”, “Enchanted” and “Grog”. Unfortunately, the beauty of the Cruising area is completely ruined by the thousands (and I mean thousands) of Lobster pots littering the Sea.


I know that the Fishermen need to make a living but you would think they could leave a track for Yachties to safely navigate without risking their boats… Poor old Roger had to don his wetsuit twice yesterday to cut off the darn things from our propeller shaft and the water is not warm…  Neither is it funny when diving under the boat in winds of 15+ knots with the hull bouncing all over the place. Needless to say, we are moving on quite quickly… 


Rant over !!!