Laurieton, Camden Haven...

El Vagabond
Vicki & Roger Mortimer
Mon 23 Jun 2014 04:24
Position 31 39.10S, 152 48.07E
After reluctantly leaving Peter & Penny in East Gosford, we stopped off at Pittwater, Newcastle, Port Stephens and Cape Hawke Harbour before arriving here in Camden Haven.
It looks like we will be here for a few days waiting for a weather box to take us further North but it's a pretty little anchorage and everybody is very friendly. There is a "United Services Club" which provides free showers for Yachties so we are not in any particular rush to move on...
While in Port Stephens for a few days, we walked to the PS Golf Club - Roger's first round of golf here in Australia and it was quite surreal to be playing Golf with Kangaroos bouncing around all over the place...... Apparently, there are also Koala Bears snoring up in the trees but we didn't actually see (or hear) any !!!