Chipping along nicely...

El Vagabond
Vicki & Roger Mortimer
Sat 14 Apr 2012 21:28
Position  31 02.53S, 95 51.90W
Still happily moving along - slowly but surely. Almost one third of the way to Pitcairn now.
Everything is going well. We had a lively few hours on Thursday evening with winds gusting at 38/40 knots and accompanying big seas but it was clearly the "storm before the calm" as we now have perfect sailing weather.
The Boys are adapting well to the passage and enjoying the never ending supply of biscuits. We are all eating well and have just finished all our fresh chicken. We are now on the vaccuum packed "Roast Beef" and Sausages. Vegetable Curry is on the menu tonight - well, it is Saturday night and it means Roger is cooking !!!