En route to Pitcairn Island...

El Vagabond
Vicki & Roger Mortimer
Tue 10 Apr 2012 18:57
Position 30 53.47S, 87 13.18W
We finally dragged ourselves away from Robinson Crusoe Island on Good Friday (6/4/12) having spent 2 weeks there instead of 2 days - some things just don't change !!
We really enjoyed the Island and walked our way around including the hike up to Alexander Selkirk's Lookout Point - about 1,800 feet above Sea Level. Vicki just about made it as she had to take some photos...
Now we are heading West on the second leg of our voyage to New Zealand. We are still creeping out of the higher latitudes but no sign yet of the "butter starting to melt" and are still in our Mustos - perhaps we should turn off the fridge !!  This is the longest passage (about 3,000 miles) and we are enjoying the peace of being back at Sea again and getting used to Basil's puppyish excitement at going for a pee on a moving "poop deck" at 3 in the morning (and again at 5am) !!