Martha's Vineyard...

El Vagabond
Vicki & Roger Mortimer
Thu 23 Jul 2015 17:00
Position 41 27.73N, 70 35.74W

Well, we are finally heading North.......

Sadly, we did have some very bad news shortly after we arrived in Newport as Monty had a long awaited operation on his luxating Patellas (medical speak for dodgy back knees) and unfortunately had a severe adverse reaction to the anaesthetic and did not pull through.

As can be imagined, we were totally devastated after 6 years of our life revolving around the little chap and the boat seemed so empty...
The good news is that Vicki finally knew what to get me for my 60th and, although we can never replace our little circumnavigator, we drove through 5 States to pick up latest addition to the Mortimer family - Archie - another Havanese who is rapidly bringing the boat back to life....Basil is being pushed, poked and stretched all over the place and loving it!

So, having got life back on an even keel again we are slowly cruising up to Maine and really enjoying not having to bash across oceans and avoid hurricanes.