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Date: 24 Apr 2009 14:51:03
Title: The Last Supper

Well it seems the weather has finally broke as the swells are down to 8-10ft and wind has dropped to below 20 knots for the first time since start day, we are now expecting the row boats to make some westing which would be nice as five days of running an upwind downwind course becomes as tedious as watching a duck shit in your breakfast. for supper tonight we ate the last of our fresh food (steak and chips with garlic bread) so tommorrow it is onto the freeze dried which is about as edible as eating your own hair but you get used to it. Morale is as high as to be expected on a boat crewed by three manic depresive alcohloics with no beer but on a lighter note we found a jar of curry sauce to spice up meal times so are looking forward to gourmet lunch in a bag tommorrow. We have spent some time fishing over the last few days but had no luck whatsoever but are trying not to take it too personally as the fish are probably just busy.
So for now you can all consider yourselves highly privalidged to be sat on comfy arm chairs reading this random blog ....you could be stuck on here with us, we do pitty any rowers that feel the need to retire and join the good ship "Desi"

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