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Date: 30 May 2009 13:26:16
Title: Wind

Well there is only so much you can take being becalmed and I think the crew of Desiderata are now finding there limits.
It has been 3 days now with not a breath and the forcast does not hold a very rosey outlook for the next couple. We have had pockets of breeze up to about 10 knts which do get the old girl moving but we just sail through them after an hour or so then it is back to the books, guitar or whatever is chosen to stay ammused.
There have been promises of wind from various sources but our very own forecasting to date has been spot on and is proving (frustratingly) to be correct again.
How ever the most relible breeze that seems to fill in every evening is of the bloated stomach from freeze dried variety. This seems as regular as clockwork to build throughout the evening and force somepoeple on board to have to move to the main hatch for clean air. The general trend then is to get some sleep in shifts through the night and wake up with chronic stomach ache. 
On the plus side of being becalmed the rowers are making some progress west and the southern boats enjoying some relatively flat conditions.
Last night whilst getting an hours worth of wind (from the atmosphere) we decided to try and ease the intake of freezedried by catching a fish. We deployed the line from the back of the boat and within 10 mins we were dragging another 20lbs tuna on board. We are fast runningv out of methods to cook this stuff so any suggestions will be gratefully recieved.
Well thats it until something exciting happens
Forza !

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