Eleanor Tims, aka Ryllis Tims
Sat 1 Dec 2007 11:54
The decision is made: we are not going on with the trip until better weather returns in the Spring.  (Yes, I know that on reading those words most of us will think "IF it does ....").
Those of you interested in the highest grade weather forecasting, take a look at this site:   You're allowed to visit it free for two weeks, then it costs under a fiver a month.   The lows being shown in the North Atlantic  --- in deep red for gale-force winds --- will instantly convince you that  I have made the right decision to leave Avanti in the UK for the coming four months.  So, some time this coming week will see the crew reassembling aboard, preparing her for the roughly a couple of hundred miles back east up Channel, and installing her in a winter berth in the Poole area.
Keep watching this blog.  Next week I'll tell you how our trip went, most likely with a rip-roaring south-west gale behind us. Could be a roller coaster of a ride.  I'll also tell you about the crew, who have been so good to me and to the boat and for whom the trip has turned out to be a major disappointment. Except that we have all made new friends!