Progress? Yes - some.

Eleanor Tims, aka Ryllis Tims
Sat 17 Nov 2007 19:02

Progress today?  Yes!  First off, the three men investigated the gear box and soon found the steady drip-drip of the ATF (automatic transmission fluid – gear box oil to me).  Then they set about determining just where this was dripping from and whether they could dismantle the gear box at that point.  As further deliberation seemed to indicate that the local pub would be a better aid to deep thought, they departed in the direction of the village.  In the meantime, I (Eleanor) prepared a delicious lunch for them.  I am now reheating said lunch, as nearly 7 in the evening, they having finally returned, with glowing accounts of not just one but of all the local pubs.  And even better, the news that a fellow drinker, Stan the Spanner, will be coming along tomorrow to fix the gear-box, complete with friend who sells Borg-Warner spare parts.  I now see that I have severely wasted my life in not frequenting pubs.


Gear-boxes aside, it is so good to be stranded in this remote back-water (a bit of poetic licence there), because outside in the English Channel a strenuous gale is buffeting the coast.


Now, as you are surely gripped with feverish gear-box interest, come back tomorrow and see what wonders Stan the Spanner may have achieved!  I have to leave you, I need to attend to the second cooking of today’s lunch, which has been promoted to today’s supper.