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Eleanor Tims, aka Ryllis Tims
Sun 25 Nov 2007 13:33
I've discovered that some of you have never visited a blog (weB-LOG) before and therefore don't know how to operate it.  So, here's how.  When you arrive at the avanti blog, you find beneath the map a list of titles.  CLICK on a title, and it unfolds to show you some narrative and sometimes even some photos.  This works for all the titles.
The other thing to know about a blog is that it really is a diary, with the latest addition always at the top.  So if you have never visited it before, scroll all the way down to the bottom and click on that one first, then work your way up.  After clicking on a title, sometimes you need to scroll down a page to find if there are any photos.
If you still are having problems, or if you just want to contact me, simply send me an email.  I can receive emails whether on land or on sea.  My email address is from now on: avanti {CHANGE TO AT} mailasail {DOT} com.
Do NOT use any of my old YAHOO addresses please, let alone even older long-abandoned addresses.
And if you haven't made the connection, the name of my boat is Avanti.
Best regards,