A brief introduction to Avanti.

Eleanor Tims, aka Ryllis Tims
Sat 10 Nov 2007 21:31

She had first been named Nausicaa, way back in 1972, then, on a change of ownership she became Europa.  I  bought her close to Christmas, at the turn of the century, and after countless suggestions from friends and family, I renamed her Avanti.  She really needed some urging forward!

During her seven years of waiting, of sitting on the mud-banks of Chichester Harbour and then of Quayside Marina in the river Itchen in Southampton, she has undergone an unfair number of trials and tribulations.  But now she is close to "getting going", as her name tells us; close to lifting her bows to the rhythm of the waves, to leaning against the power of the wind in her sails. 


I am her owner and skipper.  My name is Eleanor (though my first name is Ryllis) and, thanks to the advertising power of the internet, I have, after making contact with well over fifty people, gathered together a strong crew, all experienced sailors and boat-owners.  They are Mike, Davy and Bill.  Of the four of us, though, I am the only one with previous ocean experience, but for all of us, sailing from the UK to Madeira in mid-November/December will be a new experience.


So .... watch this space. I see that Mike has already decided to fill a bit of the space with photos, which show you the amazing amount of clutter on the decks, as seen from the top of the mast, as well as the definitely non-mega-buck surroundings! We can't afford big bucks, and we don't mind being here, for now. Madeira and the Canaries will seem all the more delightful by contrast.