A small step of progress

Eleanor Tims, aka Ryllis Tims
Thu 22 Nov 2007 20:13

Phil, the engineer, arrived this morning, Thursday 22nd November, to retrieve such tools as he would need to dismantle the part of the gear-box he has removed.

Since then, dead silence.  Despite his promises to keep me informed.


I spent the day in a fever of impatience for news from Phil.  Sorted out stuff in my cabin, put it into waterproof (please god, they really are waterproof) bags, and pushed them down into my footspace.  Hope I have room to sleep in what space is left.  By the way, the footspace is the wettest place on the boat.  Our beds are damp-plus down there.  The old enemy, condensation.  While the men are away, back home for a few days, I’m going to try to dry things out.  When I think of how bone dry, dust dry, I kept this boat, all those years prior to departure, with two dehumidifiers going, one in each hull, and with five heaters on – one in each cabin and one in the saloon …… and now, well, the boat is damp, or even damp plus and no doubt black mildew (or is it mould? not sure of the difference) is no doubt lurking around, waiting to grab a spot in our fast-becoming-insalubrious sleeping quarters.


Sorry!  Just feeling a bit gloomy.  If it would stop raining I would (perhaps) feel more cheerful, and if I could have a lovely big rare steak and masses of French fries …… dream on! There is no way I’m going to take a torch and stumble through the dark along the overgrown foreshore for the better part of an hour.  So I had a Vesta  packet curry instead and I can tell you, it was truly horrible.  Should be in the USA tonight for a Thanksgiving repast.


For those of you who tell me that Lat and Long is no good for identifying where we are, then here’s something a bit more precise.  We are in Carbelle Wharf, Southdown Marina, Torpoint Harbour.,  And at night, the lights and the glow of Plymouth are to be seen in the distance..  If this blog goes silent for a few days, it’ll mean that I too have abandoned ship and gone home for a couple of days.


Nighty night!