Where are we?

Eleanor Tims, aka Ryllis Tims
Wed 21 Nov 2007 19:46

Here’s where we are.  50:21.20N, 4:11.825W. I’m telling you this with such precision because some of you keep asking me “Exactly where?” and I am somewhat ashamed to answer “I don’t know”.  We arrived here in the dark, with Mike knowing where we were going, and I can tell you it just feels like the ends of the earth.  Well, almost.  The only time I have been out is to stumble along the shore in the dark, and a long way it seemed, on Sunday evening, for a meal at a pub in the nearest habitation, a village (town?) called Millbrook.  Difficult to get back here as our taxi driver collected someone else, not Davy and me, from the pub, Bill and Mike, both long-legged and energetic, having walked back by the shore.  


I’m alone now.  Bill left yesterday and it seemed he had a horrendously long journey to get home to Worcester.  (Non-UK people please note: it is pronounced Wooster (as in foot) ).  Mike and Davy left today for home, while the gear-box repair is being done.  I turned out my cabin which turned out to be a mistake as the saloon is now piled high with stuff.  Really, I need to harden my heart and chuck a good half of it out.  Starting with my beloved violin and my guitar.  I would love to think I might play them, but it seems less and less likely, as these delays pile on and depression lurks.


Gearbox.  Well, a successful start.  Phil Drake (shades of “Drake he’s in his cabin …..” ?) arrived punctually at 9.30, with masses of tools.  Eventually, after some hours, and after going away to bring back a very long levering bar and a hydraulic clamp, he disconnected part of it – the part he needed to look at; but then had to go and hunt up a Mr Muscle to help him get it out of the boat.  They thought it must weigh a good bit more than 100lbs.  It’s now on Phil’s work-bench.  I hope he will have looked at it this afternoon and discovered what’s ailing it. 


So that’s it.  No more news.  No need to add that it’s raIning heavily again.


Finally, please keep in touch.  Just to jog your memory, the address is really easy: just send an email to Avanti {CHANGE TO AT} mailasail {DOT} com

I love hearing from you.