Eleanor Tims, aka Ryllis Tims
Fri 30 Nov 2007 09:58
Well, as you know, we set off on November 11th with such high hopes of a successful voyage, but as this blog relates, it has come to an untimely halt, and with Christmas fast approaching, my crew are naturally having doubts that we would reach the Canaries in time for them to get home for the festive season - if, indeed, they could even buy an air-ticket then.
And it's not just Christmas which is fast approaching.  There's a lot of dirty weather out there in the North Atlantic, heading this way, which will cause further delays, and, inevitably, no way of foretelling whether better weather lies behind it.
So I am now looking at what I had hoped definitely not to do, and that is to stay put in the UK until about April.  I do have a delivery skipper offering to assist, but even with his great expertise the above still apply: the weather and Christmas.  I have to make my mind up within the coming day or two, and I can tell you, it's a bitter pill to swallow.  An expensive 'pill' too.  Also, family and friends are piling on the pressure to give the whole venture up, to sell Avanti, but I have spent the last seven years preparing her for this voyage, and I am not ready yet to give up the sailing life.  I know I could rent an apartment somewhere in the sun; but how attractive is that, compared to living on a boat?  Doesn't register on my scale, not yet. Doubt it ever would.
If you detect a whiff of depression, doubt, uncertainty and so on, you're right!  But I will keep you posted as to what decision I come to.  There doesn't seem to be an obvious right one: to stay would be expensive (and demoralising); to go could be dangerous.  Keep your fingers crossed I do find a right solution.