Day Twenty Eight

Atlantic Crossing Jan 2020
Haydn Thomas
Fri 31 Jan 2020 20:44
14:42N 58:49W

The Last Bit is Dragging On!
A pink children’s football floated past us yesterday, a reminder of a very different world of idle play at the edge of this huge wilderness. The wind has increased very slightly but allowing us nothing more than a gentle meander to our finish line. With the prospect of hot fresh water showers, a bed larger than 18 inches wide whilst being wedged between the hull and a sailing bag to prevent rolling on top of each other, our excitement should be palpable. Strangely it’s quite subdued, we’re definitely ready to land but the inevitable change of routine and shock to our system is a little daunting. It’s certainly a long way to come to a beautiful place to have such a short time to appreciate it. As Kenny has always said... “it’s not gonna be a holiday mate”.
Pina Colada time is so close now we can almost, almost taste it!

(Btw in Pina Colada we of course mean beer or maybe rum punch, we’ve realised no one actually likes Pina Coladas)

Ps. Pete, thanks you’re a superstar!