Day Nineteen

Atlantic Crossing Jan 2020
Haydn Thomas
Wed 22 Jan 2020 16:45
17:04N 41:29W

Happy Birthday to Me...!
Well it’s a good job I’ve got that to write because we’re busy going not very far here ☹️
The wind has been so light and from not quite the right direction we had the engine on for 12 hours yesterday making for not a very peaceful night. This morning was calm enough for Haydn to have a dip off the back of the boat but at 7 knots it took all his effort to climb aboard - of course we had a line around him!

Thanks for the “I’m A Celebrity-style comfort letter from home“ from Liv (very funny, cat wedding - really?!) and for the delicious fruit cake from Kenny (which his sister Deborah made) as well as the makeshift goodie bag he made me. It was supposed to be a halfway celebration cake but unfortunately my birthday came first.

Apart from the flying fish that bashed into my stomach at 3.30am on this morning’s shift there’s no more wildlife to report.

We’re hoping for some more wind at the weekend so that we can make up some Pina Colada time.