Day Seventeen

Atlantic Crossing Jan 2020
Haydn Thomas
Mon 20 Jan 2020 15:25
17:1.055N 36:22.621W

From Atlantic Wasteland to Sea World Centre!
Some light wind, still from NE, made for a pleasant night’s sailing with mediocre distance progress. At around 7.30 this morning, on Haydn’s shift, a whale breached just ahead of us going from port to starboard! Fortunately we all managed to get on deck to follow its progress. Nothing appeared for 30 minutes then three white seabirds turned up seemingly out of nowhere, dipping and swooping close to the water’s surface. Then we all saw a couple of water spurts just 50 metres ahead below the birds. Hero Skipper (nearly forgot his pre-fix) changed course to head towards them. There were two whales each about as long as our boat were just basking in the glorious morning sunshine apparently unflustered by us. Sleeping Beauty got the best video and Jon got a couple of great shots - amazing to see a couple of other mammals so far from land 🙂

Spirits were lifted yesterday afternoon with some music and a Sunday Night chicken curry in the ever-warming sunshine.

Hoping for some stronger winds from more Easterly tomorrow so that we can make some good “Pina Colada” progress as it is now known.