Day Twenty Five

Atlantic Crossing Jan 2020
Haydn Thomas
Tue 28 Jan 2020 16:55
14:55N 53:06W

Something For The Weekend Sir!
With still little wind we have had to give the engine a couple of days off.
So we’ve been bobbing along under various sail set ups without much Pina Colada time success. We managed to hunt out a little wind last night and went off chasing it heading in a different direction - that’s sailing they tell me!

So during the calm waters yesterday, despite the general gender-stereotyping aboard, Sleeping Beauty asked me to give him a haircut 💇‍♂️
Number one or two all over are my only experiences so blending a one to two at the sides into a curly mop on top is not really in my clipper locker, especially on a rocking boat. Adding to the difficulty was being passed by a whale to port that didn’t quite surface but gave us a good blow-hole spurt! Anyway we didn’t get further than a short back and sides but Harvey seemed ok and slightly cooler - Haydn’s comments were obviously disregarded due to his rock cockerel professional hack-job. I did my own as I had a spare 30 seconds...

Thanks for the “jungle” letter Will - meow mix!