Yorkshire Rows
Wed 24 Feb 2016 14:24

I wrote my blog on Sunday but due to events yesterday I have to rewrite it. In the early hours of Monday we were visited by Manfred and his crew. They were asked to visit to get some film footage for the documentary. As we haven't seen a single other person for 9 weeks we were so excited. I can only explain Manfred as a real life sea action man. They circled our boat at close range and just as Frances and myself began to become concerned that Manfred was not harnessed on, he jumped in the ocean and with in 3 strokes he was hanging off our boat just like a real life merman. We were all so impressed: they ended up taking some sun rise shots as well as underwater footage of us cleaning the underside of the boat. They came back at sun set to get some more footage: we entertained them by singing along to mamamia on our stereo which is keeping us going. This was our best day and reinforces what this experience is all about
Not just rowing an ocean but meeting all these really cool "can do "people living their dream.
My other heroes are my kids Lucy and Henry which I dedicate this blog to. They have adapted over the last 2 months due to change in such a mature way. Due to Lucy's exams they are not able to come to Antigua with the other families kids and have not once moaned and complained. They are just excited about meeting me at the airport which I cannot wait. They are my inspiration and "can do" buddies forever. Love you both xxxx Helen

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