Yorkshire Rows
Wed 17 Feb 2016 15:43
16 feb Days at sea = 58 (too many) We have covered 2438 nautical miles we have 367 miles to go and I think these may be our longest days, we are so eager to get to land now and it still seems far away.  In the meantime we still continue to hand steer so are basically always one rower down, we have made so many  attempts to fix the autohelm we are all out of ideas and have now resigned ourselves to continuing the rest of (the journey steering our selves (so whats new) we already did about 900 plus miles without the autohelm and are becoming quite expert at surfing the waves. Let me tell you a little more about the 3 amazing women I get to share this adventure with, there is Helen (Princess and captain sparrow legs) she is a woman of steel when the going gets tough Helen gets going all thats needed is a little “gentle persasion” sometimes and she is there, reliable , strong, determined and very positive influence on the boat.  She doesn’t realise this but she is very funny providing us with lots of entertainment just by being Helen, most of her items she has no idea where they are on the boat so Nikki is her maid and servant helps her to find them, I don’dt help at all!  Everyone should take a Helen with them wherever they go, in addition she sees things like, spirits and white feathers I beleive her but not sure the others are truly convinced.  Then there is Niki (Captian road runner), she rows so fast none of us can keep up with her.  she is very special, kind, generous, caring and very very safety concious. There is no way you can forget to hook on as Niki will spot you and make sure you are completley safe  Niki is an expert steerer and has the patience of a saint she taught Helen how to steer!  She is also our cheif mender of all things mechanical like the seats and wheels and rowing gates.  Niki talks continually all her thoughts come pouring out verbally all the time so we always know what she is feeling and thinking which is helpful when we are trying to look after each other.  I can’t mention Niki wihtout mentionin food, her metabolism is so high she has to eat all day and I mean all day I will never know how she manages to stay so thin.  One of the best things about Niki is her patience it makes up for my lack of it!  Last but not least there is the lovely Frances (Captain Cucumber)        Frances is kind, caring and extremley chilled out, nothing ruffles her feathers, mrs cool she is,  Frances helps to keep us calm in a crisis and always always makes an effort to look at the world form the perspective of others.  She is understanding empathetic and has a wonderful laugh that is jsut quite infectious she sees the funny side of things all the tiem.  So these are my crew the best crew in the world that has moved us htousands of miles across this big blue ocean adn the crew that makes this adventure specail in my heart and soul.       Skipper Janette xxx