Yorkshire Rows
Thu 24 Dec 2015 12:13
25:01.282N 020:15.916W
Christmas Eve 2015 – Not on the ocean its not! but we are hoping to see santa fly over tonight and we do have some little secret santa presents for tomorrow.  If you saw BBC breakfast this morning you probably got a good update on our progress so far! We are doing well but we all have very sore behinds so thank you Caroline for all that nappy rash cream, its working a treat. Last nights rowing was hard as the winds were very strong pushing us West and it was a bit too early to hang a right turn “west” so we had to keep pushing south and Rose was amazing in the big waves that were crashing up on us. Pete (our rudder) was not happy  last night and was getting a bit confused which ultimatley resulted in all four of us getting somewhat confused too! managed to sort it out and alls well, it seems we were rowing too slow and the waves were too strong.  Helens feeling much better but is still a bit fragile so she gets to stay sleeping in the first class in turn with Niki. Francis and I are in economy (our office) which is very tiny.  We will change next week though and Francis and i are very excited about the upgrade for at least a week.  Its very cold and very wet in the evenings in fact its very wet all the time, just when you get dry one of those big crashing waves pops up from nowhere and gets you all wet again, there is no where to hide or take shelter except in the bedroom or the office (techincal term for forward and aft cabins). One of the hardest things we are learning is to crawl around the boat so we dont keep falling over, motion and rocking is non stop it took me nearly 30 minutes to make a cup of tea yesterday, everything takes longer to do and you have to be very careful not to loose something overboard which is very easy to do. So learning to live on a very small rocking boat is our primary goal!  It is enjoyable and it is fun but its also jolly hard.  Hoping you all have a very special Christmas Eve, missing you all and sending our love to all of you. Skipper Janette x Please excuse all typing errors!