Yorkshire Rows
Tue 5 Jan 2016 16:28
20:26.925N  030:19.948W
Family, freinds and supporters, apologies for not blogging sooner .  its been a hectic two weeks, yes it can be hectic on the big blue ocean!  We have been struggling with power management amongst other things.  Why is it when things go wrong its always at 3am in the morning when its pitch black , windy and a very rough sea.  When the power went down we lost our auto pilot and GPS and had to steer by hand using a compass it was a bit of a challenge!.  For five days we could not turn on the water maker for fear of losing power so had to pump water by hand to get 10 litres takes several hours of specific hand movement on the pump! We have also had to use our paraanchor twice once when the wind and sea was pushing us back East and once when we lost all power on the boat.  Anyhow all going good now we have sufficient power for the moment we think the battery monitor is faulty and so stops thigns working on the boat)  still need to conserve it as much as possible.  We are still learning to crawl aruond the boat there have been no calm seas whatsoever and lots of crashing waves just when you get dry another one pops up to wet you again.  We are all getting along fine so far so good, Helen keeps losing stuff her favourite words are “where is my ....?” not sure how she manages to lose things in such a small place. Nikki is concened (probably obsessive) with the food whether we will have enough or not, we all think there is too much but we can’t convince her.  Frances provides her usual calm support “it’ll be fine” she came out of the cabin yesterday sporting a little bikini!  its not really beach weather yet but it was intended to help with the chaffing  (lest we go naked eventually).  As for me I keep trying to tidy clean up  a bit obsessivley really!!.  Thanks agian to all of you for supporting us can’t do this without you, you are all in our hearts and minds and you are keeping us going xxxx Skipper Janette and Crew . Please ignore gramamtical errors and typos not easy to do on rocking boat