Yorkshire Rows
Fri 12 Feb 2016 19:15
So, we are now under 600 miles to go until we get to Antigua and the miles are slowly ticking down. We have been in some very turbulent seas for the last 3-4 days and as we are hand steering it has been a little harder as someone has to steer at all times so we lose a rower! Still, heading in the right direction, just taking a little longer. We had hoped to arrive in half term but looks like it will be a week or so later than that, we really have had every problem and challenge thrown at us but we have managed to work through them and keep going, amazing what we can all do and cope with now. Will make the arrival in Antigua all the more sweet though!

As Frances and I were doing our 2 hour shift one night as day was dawning we rowed through some turbulent waves and torrential rain and as the rain stopped and we lifted our heads the most incredible rainbow appeared. It took up the whole sky and seemed to go from one side of the ocean to the other with the most vivid colours imaginable. What a sight after a rough night! Something very few people will probably get to see!!

We are now getting a little tired of our food choices on board......we have just had to eat the same dehydrated food packs for over 45 days and we are desperate for normal food again. Our food is the dry special explorer packs which you add hot water to (if you can boil water that day depending on how huge the waves are, otherwise it is cold Chicken Korma!) and 10 minutes later, ta da, you get your gourmet meal (!!!!!). We also had 20% of our food supplies as wet food packs which come in foil bags. We had baked beans and sausages and we have been eating one of those cold each day. I don't think I will be able to look at baked beans again for a long time. We are trying to make sure we eat enough in a day as we are all losing weight, bit of an extreme diet plan!! But with rowing 12-14 hours a day it is hard to get the calories in!

So, we are now starting to dream about our potential first meal in Antigua and our dreams vary between lovely fresh salads to burgers and fries with ice cream and fresh fruit as favourites for pud. Every day I run though what I would prefer to be eating each day, the food ranges depending on my mood. Let us know what your preference and suggestions would be for a first meal and we will check and let you know if that is what we end up exciting!

More than anything I look forward to normal home cooked food and want to make our family spaghetti bolognese with my lovely boys (not forgetting our family secret ingredient). How I miss them and can't wait to do all the normal family things together, not long now. One of the positive things this journey has highlighted is how precious those family moments are and that each and every memory made is to be cherished and time should be given to making those moments.

Thanks to all those who have been helping out either with our families or will all the amazing efforts to raise money for our 2 wonderful charities, we can't begin to tell you how grateful we are. Check out for links to the details and just giving pages and thank you all again.

Love Niki xxx

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