Yorkshire Rows
Tue 22 Dec 2015 10:23
Hello family friends and supporters we are underway all going well but there is a lot of water out here we know it's an ocean there's bound to be water ! Thankfully it's nice and warm when a big wave suddenly catches you unaware and splashes over you. Helen is still a bit sick but as a true princess she is still managing to row. Frances is taking some flack for getting us into this adventure but it's all in laughter and fun. Niki is eating any leftover food from anyone's snack pack she can get her hands on so nothing for the fishes from this boat. crew moral high and we are starting to get into the routine of eating sleeping rowing washing and rubbing alcohol on our behinds !! Will try to update blog daily that's it for now signing off and getting some sleep before my next shift Skipper Janette xx

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