Yorkshire Rows
Thu 28 Jan 2016 14:25
18:20.738N  040:21.264W
Mon 25 Jan Family, freinds and supporters yesterday marked 5 weeks on the ocean and we think we probably have another 4 if we get good weather and seas.  Still have very dirty greasy hair Helen was desperate to wash her hair yesterday and we are conserving power so not using water maker much which means no hair wash.  You have to be careful what you wish for as she then banged her head on the cabin hatch it started bleeding and so I could see the cut I had to pour normal saline all over the spot so she did get a patch of hair cleaned any how she is fine now and still has dirty (now a littel red) hair.  Yesterday morning the sea was not our friend it was pushing us in the wrong direction and broach (side) on with the waves, when a big wave hit we were literally knocked completley out of our seats and the boat came very close to capsizing a few times thank fully she didnt roll but we all have bruises everywhere, Frances took a big knock and banged her head and shoulder so much that she went into mild shock and hence forth the old nurse in me came out again to tend to her medical need. All is well today the sea is with us wind could be a bit stronger but we are thankful for what we have.  Today we decided that we will always try to be grateful and thankful, its easy to moan about a sore bum, the weather , the sea, the small cabins , uninteresting food, little sleep and continual rowing, but we have decided that whatever happens on this boat we will always be “GLAD”, so now when one of us says it too hot we will follow it with Im glad though because it means the sun is on the solar panels and giving us power etc......  We are looking for the positive in everything, we also know that we are lucky to have this experience and there are those much less fortunate than us including many of whom our two charities serve.  Talking of which please if you haven’t already donated  dig deep and help one of our charities either Yorkshire Air Ambulance and or Maggies.  We have two justgiving pages one for each charity, the links to them can be found on the home page of our website www.yorkshirerows.com.  Any amount would be gratefully appreciated by our chosen charities.  Thank you so much.  We have had news of receiving lots of support comments, good wishes from all over the world, this really keeps us going to hear of so many people thinking about us and offering kind words of support, thank you to all of you it really means a  lot to us and keeps us moving the boat towards Antigua.  Skipper Janette and crew Niki, Helen, Frances xxxx Apologies for typos!!