Day 13: No fishing, but...

Sun 9 Dec 2012 18:37
Hi again,
We do have to remember the time difference between Leeway and our followers. We have just had  some tea with cakes, it is 15.00.
After a wild night (still at sea, do not worry!) we were all in the cockpit early this morning to gybe and set the final course to St. Lucia. This could well become our fastest 24-hour run, since the gybe we are doing almost 10 knots average, our top speed today (so far) is 18.8 knots. For those who do not sail so much, this is close to being too fast to waterski... Good winds, BIG waves, fantastic downwind sailing, we have it all right now. However, we are thinking to slow down a bit tonight so we will arrive a bit rested.
So... no fishing today, even the Usain Bolts among the fish out there are not able to keep up with us! Nevertheless we are still having lots of fun and we started the day with some good and loud music to get the spirit up again after a night  with little sleep. Going this fast will mean a finish in the dark, so tomorrow night will be exciting, we will first see Martinique and some hours later we will see St.Lucia. It’s more than a daay away still, but I am sure it will keep us all in the cockpit, also because we will meet some more boats so close to the end of our trip.
Nanno is calculating our ETA (estimated time of arrival) all the time and he just found out that we have to reset the clock 2 more hours backwards to St. Lucia time. More chances to find the bars still open.... But first some more serious waverunning!
Also very exciting today was when Rien and Rob pulled out the bimini while Eugen was doing another 18+ knot surf, we are sure this was a first in sailing history!
Tomorrow the final approach to paradise, we will get you another update, stay tuned.