Day 8: midway party

Tue 4 Dec 2012 16:42
Hi all,
Last night we sailed through the midway point, we are now closer to St.Lucia than to Gran Canaria! We decided to make pancakes for lunch,  but Haico threw the first bowl of batter straight into the sink (or was it a wave?). Anyway, suddenly we had all three of our grey-haired guys in the kitchen trying to clean the mess and still make pancakes! But Haico did a good job the 2nd time around, the pancakes were delicious.
Remember the weather telling us to go south? This morning everything has shifted again, and from our position it is actually more appealing to go directly west from here and try to move over the top of it. We decided to go for this option, and went to work to set the gennaker. The gennaker is set on a new type of furling system, but it is not as easy as it should (or could?) be. To cut to the case: we lost the gennaker.... So a slight setback for us (damn!) and some work to do for the sailloft on the other side.
So now we are sailing our usual set-up again: full mainsail, gennaker poled out and cutter jib unfurled. Everything calm again, the focus quickly shifted to the midway party! We have not had any alcoholic drinks so far, so everyone on board is discusssing if they should go for a beer, a glass of wine or a rum & coke! Most of you at home can probably guess what it will be...
Leeway crew