Day 12: just another....

Sat 8 Dec 2012 20:51
Just another day in paradise... That would be a close description of today’s sailing. For sure we miss our wives/girlfriends, but today was really super.
Good winds/clear skies/nice waves and ofcourse us knowing that the finishrum is coming closer and closer. I know, we keep talking about rum, but ever since sailing was invented rum has been an (important) part of it. It was used to reward good crewmembers after a safe passage.
I promised the crew the same and will not let them down! No worries , I will keep an eye on all of them (not sure about the other eye...). We have also put our Xmas tree in the cockpit!  Haico made some nice Xmas balls from alufoil, his sunday school finally paid off.
This evening Nanno will make us a famous pasta and tomorrow we will catch a Tuna (?). We all like sashimi, so we will go for one.
Last 24 hours was not the fastest one (at 181 nm), we lost some mileage on competitors to the south of us who seemed to have had a bit more wind.
We gybed at 05.00 this morning and it seems we will be on this track for the next 30-40 hours. We are making good speed again.
Tomorrow is another day...