Day 4: any different?

Fri 30 Nov 2012 14:56
Back again,
It’s my turn (Haico) to write the daily report for today, and although we haven’t done much different today than the past few days I will try to give you a nice report.
Last night we have had a number of squalls with big wind shifts, pressure differences and strange waves. In these conditions the main cabin is clearly the favourite place to sleep, just a pity that there are only 2 bunks there...
Like I said we don’t do a lot of different things on days like these besides (and I quote Rob): “eat, play, sleep and sh**...” We’re just like small kids again!
Yesterday we had a good benchmark with the tuna salad from Rien, today Nanno treated us on a chicken burger with some baked onions/mushrooms/etc. We like to call this a “broodje gierende hartklep” and we all enjoyed it!
Sailing wise we have had a good 24-hour run again at 215nm. And in contrast to other times we still see boats on the horizon, we even changed gybes with 2 boats during the night and 2 more during the day. The last one was a very big yacht, we believe it is from the superyacht race that started from Tenerife.
Stay tuned for more “exciting” news!