Day 10: through the squalls and glorious sailing again

Thu 6 Dec 2012 18:25
Dear all,
we are not 100% sure if the blog from day 9 was sent...  Day 8/ 9 was pretty hectic, a serious decision had to be taken to get around a low pressure system, day 9 we had it all... lots of wind (we somewhere lost  out windex out of the masttop) lots of heavy rain (free showers we call it) and finally ending up with little wind just before dark. This morning it was clear that we made the right decision AND that some of our competitors made the same choice. Anyway we are back on the RUMline and expect to be in St Lucia in record time.
We just had a great lunch and are really looking forward to the 16.00 “castaluppi”. We are also back at fishing speed (not over 8 knots) and hope to catch our dinner. If not, we are going for rundervinken with krieltjes in kruidenboter and westlandse groentenmix. Translation for Andrea: healthy food!!  We also would like to share with you that we just enjoyed a nice bottle of wine and had Old Amsterdamned cheese and a vies worstje.
Again we are not sure we have sent the day 9 report but for the record,  we lost our gennaker so we are hoping for quite a lot of wind now. Last 24 hours was the first under 200 nm (188 nm) which is a very good with the weather we have had. It looks like it will be a one way route to the finish now and discussions where to have the first rum punches have started. Some of the veteran crew came up with good ideas and will end up having it their way. Coming night looks to be a relaxed one with some more glorious hours of sailing.
More from Leeway tomorrow, sleep well.