Day 7: our first catch!

Mon 3 Dec 2012 18:01
Finally some fishing action!
Yesterday evening the wind shifted quite suddenly to more southeast, which meant we had to take the pole away and start a genoa reach, finally some conditions where we could use our autopilot. Early evening brought us some 30+ knot winds, and under reduced mainsail and the cutter jib we still did surfs of over 13 knots. It was good though that the wind calmed down during the night, but we still managed to get a 24-hour run of 212 nm again!
This morning we shook out the reefs and decided we wanted to fish again, and with result!  A good sized Mahi Mahi, which ended in our pan for lunch.
We also got a message yesterday from one of the other Dutch participants, on the X-612 Nix. It turned out they had made a crash gybe on the first day in 40 knots of wind, which took away the complete SB steering system and all life-saving equipment. Part of the pushpit also seems to be missing... Anyway they were still going for their fastest passage ever!
The comming 2 nights will be less hectic then the nights before, less wind and waves but still making good progress towards the place we intend to be on time to miss the “windhole” lying in front of us.
Leeway crew
21:18.85N 36:02.75W