Time to go

Mon 26 Nov 2012 22:01
As you all know we have spent two more days in Las Palmas.
We have spent these two days doing some work on the boat (waterpump) AND doing some shopping....!!
Ofcourse time was spent on looking at weather charts and all kinds of predictions. The wind and wind direction look very good for the next 5 to 6 days.  25kn NE, the exciting part is after these 5/6 days because we will then meet another low pressure system. We will have to watch the new weather charts carefully and check the barometer for changes.
We just finished another dinner and are now enjoying our tea with (thanks Haico) some chocolates. Tomorrow morning we will have to do some small things, mainly final stowage of fruit, and finally we will GO.
We are looking forward to the trip on Leeway and hope to settle soon into the life at sea, which is mainly doing nothing as slow as possible.
Starting tomorrow we will only send text messages and  not send out any pictures , this because of the satellite costs, we are in a crisis after all (+ we want to spend these savings on rum punches after the finish) but if someting special occurs we will promise to send some “proof”, so keep tuned.
Finally we would like to wish Kees all the best from the Leeway crew, let’s hope he will join us soon !
Leeway crew
P.S. Today was also laundry day!