Day 11: finally cruising

Fri 7 Dec 2012 18:57
Hi all,
Still moving along nicely, 196 nm sailed the last 24 hours. Although we started 2 days later we are now only 90 nm behind one of the Dutch racing boats, the Swan 45 Satori. So it looks like we are going quite fast!
And today we are again averaging around 8 knots downwind speed, but we have now really entered into cruising mode. Just a selection of what we have done today:
- finished some books
- catch another fish! Our second mahi mahi, and now Eugen has cut it apart for dinner tonight
- we turned on the generator (as we do daily) to power up the batteries
- with this one running, we also started the watermaker to fill up our tanks (we have to keep showering)
- and with both power and water plenty, we have also started our washing machine! The laundry is now done and drying out on the side of the boat
We can tell you that Haico is very proud of his washing and hanging it to dry, now he is smelling good again (at least he thinks so...)
Another big issue now is if we go for sprayhood or bimini. We have been changing back and forwards ome times, but right now we are all sitting under the bimini (except for Haico, who thinks it is a bit cold and wants to work on his tan). The lunch today was great again, Rob and Rien made good old wentelteefjes! (to Andrea: not so healthy food)
We have also cleaned the interior of Leeway a bit, we threw away 50 bananas, apples and pears.
Eugen is everyday playing around with his iPad, today he showed us some games that he has for his children (so he says) but he really enjoys it himself as well (and perhaps so do we) !
Rien is constantly working the autopilot all day long, steering up to look for some more wind and then down again when he found it. He never rests!
Nanno can no longer work with the navigation software (the license expired) so he is doing nothing (besides playing with Eugen’s iPad or making movies with the GoPro). Like I said: doing nothing. Let’s just hope he will make dinner again tonight.
Rob is catching up on sleep during the day, and when awake he keeps entertaining the crew and keeping everyone sharp just like a good skipper would!
And Haico? Like we told you, he is just smelling good today.
We calculated that we will finish on monday night/early tuesday morning, if the windgods are with us (and why not... we are smelling good again).
Let’s wait and see, some more serious sailing before the finish.
Keep tuned for more fresh smelling news, Leeway