Day 6: still going strong!

Sun 2 Dec 2012 17:43
Another good 24-hour run at 210 nm, it is truly amazing how easily this Xc 50 is chewing up the miles! All of us really enjoy helming, and Haico has developed an annoying morning habit where he takes the wheel and almost immediately sets the highest speed for the day. Just to keep everybody sharp, he says...
Last night was beautiful, at first pitch black with a sky full of stars, you can spend hours just looking at them. Later at night the moon came up and brought a lot of light, all the while surfing along at speeds over 10 knots. More and more flying fish start to fly around, in the moonlight these little fish look like silver arrows shooting away from you. But not always away, Nanno had to literally duck to avoid being hit by a flying fish, it flew directly over the cockpit!
Fot the sailors: We are still sailing on port jibe with the genoa poled out + the cutter unfurled. When a squall comes we first furl the genoa and then ride it out. The “problem” with a squall is not only the increase in windstrength but it also comes with a 20 degree shift.
It is getting warmer every day (and more humid), during the day we sleep whenever we feel like it and the maincabin is the favourite place to crash.
This morning Eugen en Rien treated us on fried eggs and Nanno made ham/cheese tosties for lunch. Tonight we will enjoy a pasta.
Leeway is still going to fast for any serious fishing, the unfortunate fish which would take our bate will for sure have his complete head pulled of, so we heed to have some patience with our fishing.
Haico just finished the washing up, Rien is helming and the two young gods are deeply asleep.....  this is all for now.