Day 12: Saturday 6th Birthday Onboard "15:00.47N 55:43.74W"

Lee and Andrew
Sun 9 Dec 2012 14:32
The focus of today was on Darb’s birthday. Thinking we should spoil him he had an entire day free of washing up duties. Birthdays don't excuse you however from watches or sail duties so he still had to put in for that time. Pete and Lee set about planning an appropriate dinner which now will see us all joining weight watchers on our return to Terra Firma.
The Menu:
Slow Roasted Pork Belly with another special secret sauce on a bed of Rice
Crispy Green Salad
Chocolate Self Saucing Pudding with Macadamia Ice-cream
Accompanied by a bottle of 2005 Cote De Imaz Reserva Rioja
Not too bad for a birthday meal nearly two weeks out to sea.
As for the sailing side. The temporary fix to the outhaul clew gave way again and needed another set of Dynema lashings made. Looks like the area where it attaches has some sharp edges that are literally knawing their way through the fastenings. We also managed to lose another batten today – it literally catapulted itself out of its pocket and over board. Having no bottom batten has seen each batten above slowly destroy the batten pocket or sleeve. So two battens remaining, one original and the trusty home made batten we built in Las Palmas. Lets see which is the last one standing.
Great nights sailing with more miles put behind us.

Less than a Darwin to Saumlaki to go.

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