Woo Hoo - We have a Main Sail

Lee and Andrew
Thu 6 Dec 2012 11:49
A day earlier than expected the wind dropped below 20 for a short period of time and we were able to rerig the main sail webbing and rehoist the sail. Never appreciated the main sail so much even if the top batten is hand made and the bottom batten is totally removed. The boat instantly went from wallowing in 5 knots to sailing 10’s and that's with the staysail. George the autopilot is also much happier as in the lower speeds hand steering was the preferred option to listening to George labour.
To celebrate the main sail up morning tea of freshly baked Apple and Walnut Tea Bread. Just as well we have had a few hiccups to slow us down – still plenty of food to cook and enjoy. Think this should be called the Gourmet Food Crossing of the Atlantic.
Around 4pm with squalls approaching we sailed through the most magnificent rainbow. It literally looked like we were sailing through it – didn't have time to stop and dive for the pot of gold.
As predicted winds have dropped out and we are anticipating a relaxed clean house and fishing day today and what better way to start then with AB’s poached eggs.
Under a 1000 miles to go – its the home run – nearly!

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