Day 1 - Great Start to Minor Disaster "27:10.5N 18:36.2W"

Lee and Andrew
Wed 28 Nov 2012 09:46
The first day saw us head out under full Main and Genoa, we quickly found ourselves in the first couple after a few hours and after 3 hrs passed what appeared to be the last of the fleet Raven.
Not for long - in 30kn + we tore the outhaul webs off the main and found ourselves fighting to manage an untamed main for an hour whilst Andrew sat on the boom and fashioned a repair.
We contemplated returning to port but were able to fix the main in the 2nd reef position and believe we can repair the webs if we get a calm day so we can drop the main on the deck. Not going to be easy with a furling boom and a sail this size.
For now we are travelling well but a little underpowered in the 25-35 kn conditions a beautiful moon made the conditions nice between the squalls.
Sea state is settling, crew are all well and we are starting to relax as sunrise arrives and we settle into the long passage ahead.