Day 2 Who needs Main Sail anyway "26:16.66N 22:10.89W"

Lee and Andrew
Thu 29 Nov 2012 10:00
Day 2 saw us get a break in the weather to drop our mainsail on deck, sounds so simple, in practice a mammoth task. AB took on riding lessons once more with the boom to cut the lashings and has the bruises to show how well you can grip when at sea riding your boom in a lumpy offshore swell.
The only problem with having four on board is that when incidents happen you need all hands and no one seems to have a spare hand for the camera and I also note AB doesn’t seem too keen to hang on for a photo.
With  the main on deck we now know the problem was, at this stage we will see how we go and try and continue without the main. All it means is a bit slower crossing at the moment as we are around 2kn+ slower than normal targets. Bit disappointing as we only got the first 3 hours from the start before the failure and then less than 24 hours later we have had to pack it up, but none hurt and still travelling well.
With all the work on deck we decided a good evening meal was called for and Pete baked a lasagna and served with salad and hot crusty bread “How good was that “
Overnight was clear of anything too nasty with moderate 15-20kn NE and a few light squalls and not much rain.