DAY 11 Friday 7th Dec Two For One "14:41.45N 55:55.85W

Lee and Andrew
Sat 8 Dec 2012 12:23
Great day on the water. The wind came in and with Katherine's Headsail and Main restored we have been able to sail though out the night averaging 9 plus. The lack of battens – three on the deck and only three top remaining has only caused issues with her stability with wind and and wave movements – an annoying occasuinal luffing and slapping that keeps the watch person on their toes to stop.
We haven't been overly successful on the fishing side and apparently the number of flying fish that we have caught don't count as Islay’s crew believe we have the advantage of an airstrip for landing. However we may have just gained the upper hand in this competition with the catch of not one but two fish on the one line with a combined length of 1m.
During the night we started our last Sydney to Hobart – less than 600 miles now to go and with wind conditions looking set to stay we are hoping for a good run all the way to St Lucia and a bed that's not going to roll.
Darbs birthday today so lets see what comes out of the galley, could be interesting

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